Rules & Indemnity

The Beaverlac Rules

Beaverlac is a private heritage site. So that everyone can enjoy being in the mountain wilderness area, we have the following rules in place. Anyone who does not abide will be evicted from the campsite.

Please read carefully before visiting Beaverlac.

  1. Enter at own risk.
  2. Right of admission strictly reserved.
  3. Camping is only allowed in the camping area. Do not use Permit Holder’s Sites and do not erect tents near Huts or Caravans.
  4. No music is allowed in the campsite. This includes music by means of car radios, cell phones and musical instruments of any kind.
  5. Loud talking and laughing inside the camping area and vandalism, loud drunken, unruly or aggressive behavior anywhere on the farm will not be tolerated.
  6. Keep your dog(s) under control and ensure that your dog(s) do not pose a threat or become a nuisance to other campers. This includes barking. Dogs on heat are not allowed at Beaverlac. Dogs are not allowed to swim in the rock pools.
  7. No firearms, ketties, pellet- and air guns, archery, blow pipes and fireworks are allowed.
  8. No fires allowed outside allocated fire pits or outside the camping area. Extinguish fires before bed.
  9. No littering in or outside the camping area or at the pools – this includes cigarette butts and bottle tops. Use black refuse bags for your garbage. A small fee is charged to remove refuse bags on your behalf. Please bring it to the office.
  10. No nude swimming in pools or rivers.
  11. No glass to be taken to the pools and no soap, shampoo or detergents is allowed in the pools or rivers.
  12. No motor vehicles are allowed outside the camping area (unless a Permit holder). An R200.00 fine will be imposed.
  13. No walking on the water pipe lines along the Ratel River or anywhere on the farm. An R1000.00 fine will be imposed.
  14. Picking of fruit or flowers or the chopping of trees or dry wood anywhere on the farm is strictly prohibited.
  15. Do not disturb or damage any wildlife.
  16. No refunds to evicted people or refunds should you choose to depart before the” date out” indicated above.
  17. The Farmer, Camp Manager and Permit Holders have the right to evict people contravening the rules.
  18. Campers are requested to stay away from the Africa hut. Our Africa guests are paying for their privacy.

The owner and camp manager have instructed the permit holders to ensure the camp rules are adhered to. This includes the right to evict people contravening the rules if necessary.


The camper and/or his/her family indemnifies the owner/s of Beaverlac Holiday Resort and/or the Olivier Brothers and/or any person in their employ against any loss, damages or injury (direct, indirect or fatal) that may arise during the visit at the resort, regardless of how the loss, damages or injury may have been caused or occurred and/or whether it occurred directly or indirectly as a result of any negligence on the part of any of the above mentioned parties and accepts hereby entrance to the resort at own risk.

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