Keep in mind

Prepare yourself before departing to beaverlac

  • Ensure that you have the camping approval and permit with you otherwise access will be denied. A snapshot of the camping approval and permit saved on your cell phone is fine. Just make sure that the phone battery is fully charged and remember there is no cell phone reception at Beaverlac.
  • Do not bring persons along who are not duly booked and listed on a camping approval. We will not allow them into Beaverlac. If you decide to drive with a different vehicle or in more than one vehicle it is fine. No need to inform us about your travel arranagements as long as the persons in the vehicles are listed on an approved booking.
  • Bring enough cash along. Payment is in cash only. We do not have card facilities.
  • Beaverlac gate is open daily between 08:00 and 17:00. Fridays during season times (October to April) 08:00 to 21:00.   
Arriving at Beaverlac
  • Please book in at Reception first before you set up your camping spot. 
  • Once booked in, you can proceed to find a camping spot. We do not have demarcated sites and we do not reserve sites. First come first serve. Try to arrive within the gate times and remember the camp sites do not have electricity.
  • Cabin reservations: The Cabin key will be handed only to person who booked the cabin and if any outstanding amount is paid in full. Again make sure you bring enough cash along.
Departing from Beaverlac
  • Please vacate before 17:00 on your departure date.
  • People staying in cabins please vacate the cabin before 10:00 am on your departure date. 


Monday to Thursday and Sunday: 8:00 Am to 4:30 Pm.

Friday: 8:00 Am to 9:00 Pm 

Saturday: 8:00 Am to 5:00 Pm


Cabins must be vacated no later than 10:00Am on the departure date.

The camping area must be vacated no later than 5:00Pm on the departure date. 

Things to keep in mind

  • We do not have demarcated camping spots. You may camp anywhere and next to your friends in the camping area. We do not reserve camping spots. First come first serve.
  • No electricity available at the campsites but we do have a freezer and power point at the shop for use by campers.
  • Small cars do make it in and out of Beaverlac provided the car is not heavily loaded. You use the farm road down to Beaverlac at your own risk.
  • Make sure your vehicle is serviced and in good mechanical order before you come to Beaverlac. We do not provide free tow-in services, mechanical services or sell fuel at Beaverlac.
  • There is no cell phone reception at Beaverlac and we do not provide a WI-FI service.
  • Please do not bring non-registered members  along. They will not be allowed into the camp.
  • NO DAY VISITORS allowed.
  • Friendly and well-behaved dogs are welcome, BUT please keep your dog under control at all times. Dogs are not allowed in rock pools where people are swimming. If your dog becomes a problem to other campers we will demand you to remove the dog from the camp. Dogs on heat are not allowed at Beaverlac.
  • The campsite must be vacated no later than 17:00 (5Pm) on your date of departure.
  • By submitting a camping request you also accept to abide by all our rules. Failure to abide by our rules will result in immediate and permanent eviction.
  • MUSIC AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ARE FORBIDDEN. WE WANT QUIET AT ALL TIMES AND ABSOLUTE SILENCE in the camp FROM 11:00 pm till 7:00 am THE FOLLOWING MORNING. Please report offenders at the shop. All we need is their car registration numbers.
  • Over the New Years Season (25 December to 2 January) you must book for at least 3 nights.

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