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It's nature at it's best

Come and fly the skies where black eagles soar, hike the paths of the leopard, climb the rocks where baboons play and spend some time at a rock pool each day.

Tucked high up in the Olifants River Mountains above Porterville in the Western Cape in South Africa, Beaverlac offers camping and cabins to maximise your enjoyment of nature. Situated in a secluded 5000 hectare valley surrounded by mountains, Beaverlac is blessed with two rivers, the Ratel (Honey Badger) and the Olifants.

A wide variety of hiking and mountain bike trails and rock pools are available for visitors.


Enjoy the full experience of nature with our fast expanded campsite. We offer great views, unlimited exploring and beautiful sunrises and sunsets.


Enjoy the full experience of nature with our amazing cabins tucked away in all corners of our lands. You will feel right at home in nature.

Things to remember when visiting us

  • No Music of any kind, including car radio, cell phones, drums or any musical instruments

  • Please respect your camping neighbours

  • Please maintain peace and quiet between 10pm and 7am

  • No card facilities - cash only

  • Our shop sells wood, beer, wine, ice, bread, snacks and other basic items

  • Bring you own braai-grid

  • No bedding provided in cabins

  • There are no electric points in the camping area

  • The gate closes at 9pm and opens at 7am

  • No refunds what so ever

  • Day visitors no longer allowed

  • Book in time for cabins from 14h00 on day of arrival & 10h00 vacate on day of departure


As a natural heritage site, Grootfontein farm is committed for posterity to the preservation of one of the few remaining wilderness areas. Owned by the Olivier brothers, Grootfontein farm adjoins the Groot Winterhoek Mountain Catchment Area and the Cederberg Leopard Conservation Area and is a successful example of agritourism.

The rivers have channeled their way through rock formations into deep pools and waterfalls. There are several caves on the farm, some of which are decorated with paintings. All rock art is protected by the National Monuments Act and the best means of preservation is restricted access.

The rustic and tranquil campsite surrounded by wild mountains offers meditative peace and quiet and is a balm for the soul. A spectacular mountain pool with waterfall is within a 5 minute walk.

Those who don't want to camp can book one of our cabins.


Vegetation consists of a variety of Mountain Fynbos. In summer the Ericas are particularly beautiful and the veld resembles a colourful patchwork. The endemic Ixianthus Retzoides commonly known as River Bells grows along the Ratel River.

Beaverlac Shop

Our shop sells wood, beer, wine, ice, bread, snacks and other basic items. Shop hours are seasonally dependant, please ask at reception for more details.


The area is a sanctuary for several wildlife species and someimes you can hear the cries of Baboons as they forage in the mountains. Beaverlac's rich diversity of birds includes the majestic Black Eagle, Jackal Buzzard and colourful sunbirds and is truly a paradise for bird lovers.

Our rivers are home to Clanwilliam Redfins and the rare Clanwilliam Yellowfish, both protected species. Due to depleted fish stocks, fishing is no longer allowed in the Olifants.

The area hosts several species of which the Rhebok and Klipspringer are most likely to be spotted, unlike the caracal, wild cat and shy leopard. Other species include Grysbokkie, Honey Badger, African Wild Cat, Black Eagle.